Monthly Archives: March 2015

Chronologicon Hibernicum

We are very proud and excited that our Head of Department, Professor David Stifter, has been awarded an ERC grant of 1.8 million euros to study the historical development of the Old Irish language. His project,¬†Chronologicon Hibernicum (or ChronHib), will develop innovative methods for dating more precisely the surviving corpus of Old Irish texts (written between the sixth century and the tenth). After being announced on the Maynooth University website¬†this morning, Professor Stifter’s success has been picked up by numerous media outlets, including the Irish Times. An interview with Professor Stifter will be broadcast tonight on TG4 at 7pm. There will be more news about this project in due course, and associated research positions will be advertised, providing scholarships and research opportunities for PhD students and post-doctoral scholars. In the meantime, the department would like to express its sincere congratulations to Professor Stifter for this well-deserved international recognition of his excellent research.